Monday, May 7, 2012

Preposition of place





The penguins are under the sea.


The scottish is on the rocks.


All mothers are behind their sons


The spoon is in the baby's mouth.

Next to

That lady is next to the big lion.


A beautiful butterfly is over the girl's finger.

In front

A black rottweiler is in front of the man.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cooperation Vs. Competition.


Consist in help the other people and they help you too. This quality make the word happy, friendly and above all helply. 


Competition is the develop of intellectual and attitudinal qualities to win your own goals. In the competition the people usually be egoistic and they don't take care if they have to do something to be successful.

  • Which term do you think is more appropriate for life: Competition or Cooperation?

I think that as competition as cooperation are importants in the life, because you need to be a helpful guy, and deal your own challengers, to be an integral person. Actually a lot of seminaries, conferences, marketing or media, guide projects about competition qualities and how could you improve it, but the people is very competitive, and this characteristic turn the things into a bad things in some opportunities. 

  • As a future teacher I think focus on the cooperation, because nowadays the kids and guys think all time in be competitive, in win scores, awards or whatever public recognized symbol and in most cases they do it for humillated the other people, thats a bad point. So the teachers need to teach how to be good people, to be polite, to have ethical and moral values and to be helpfull with the others, to make an armony enviroment. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Analyzing Vocabulary of Newspaper Articles I

Key words
Topic related expressions
'Humans killed off Australia's giant beasts'
Widespread extinction

Ecological changes

Better understanding
Might look
Colombia forces 'kill 35 FARC rebels' in Meta
Repeated setbacks

Armed conflict
Holding captive

Money gained
Guatemala's president urges debate on drug legalization
Drug trafficking

Short notice
Subject for debate
Nicaragua bids to stem deforestation with eco-soldiers
State prosecutors

Unscrupulous people
Effect of deforestation

Climate change
Susan Boyle musical opens in Newcastle
Comes on stage

Opening night
Breakthrough performance
Titanic/ Kate Winslet and James Cameron at 3D premiere
Worldwide fame

Performance transformed
Most successful

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Paragraph.

A paragraph consists in:
Some sentences that are joined, have coherence and talk about one specific idea.
The three main parts of a paragraph are:
  • The topic sentence:
It is the most general sentence in a paragraph, in some opportunities it could be at the begining of the paragraph.
  • The supporting sentences
This sentences support or explain the idea of the topic sentences, so you could find more than two supporting sentences in the English paragraphs, after the topic sentence.
  • The concluding sentence
 it does a "summarizes" of the paragraph and commonly is located at the end of the paragraph. 
 Now, you could see some characteristics of the topic sentence.
  • is the most general statement
  • This is an indentation in the USA writing.
 Also you could identify some characteristics of the supporting sentences.
  • It give an indirect question to the reader.
  •  Always you must to find more than three sentences in the paragraph.
 Finally, you could find some characteristics of the concluding sentence.
  • summarizes the information in the paragraph.
  • It looks similar to the topic sentences but in reverse.

Then, there are one topic sentence for each of the following topics:
  • Your hometown:
My hometown is named Aquitania, it is located at Boyacá, Colombia, It's so beautiful, because it is near of the Tota lake, so the landscape is very grate, Here we celebrate the traditional festivals as an offering to the virgin Marie and the town is recognized as a national tourist destination and also its habitants are very polite.
  • A place you would like to travel to:
I would like travel to the United Kingdom because here you could find many castles and discovered a lot of information about the humanity trought the history. Also in the UK offer big opportunities to the profesionals as the B.A in English to improves their studies and to adquires experience with the language skills. 
  • My best friend:
I met her since I was 14 years old, she's name is Paola, nowadays she is 23 years old, so we have been friends for 9 years ago. Our relationship is very nice and polite, we lived so many wonderfull things, like concerts, soccer games, movies, travels and a lot of rock partys.

My own paragraph:
My hometown is named Aquitania, it is located at Boyacá, Colombia, It's so beautiful, because it is near of the Tota lake, so the landscape is very great. Here we celebrate the traditional festivals as an offering to the virgin Marie and the town is recognized as a national tourist destination and also its habitants are very polite. Aquitania has three natural and typical foods, the scallions, the potatos, and the trout. these products are imported to several domestic destinations, because to high demand they represent in the domestic market. Additionally it is very important to emphasize that the town bordering the Tota Lake, and It has a beautiful beach in the middle of the mountains, that is the delight of the national and international tourists. The qualities available to my hometown are many, both in human and material resources, as we saw previously, it has beautifuls landscapes, It has agricultural production and excellent human qualities, so it's a privilege to say I'm an Aquitanian girl.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Biography of Freddie Mercury

1. Real person?

Freddie Mercury was the singer of Queen, the successful rock band of the 70's.

2. Write some of the research you have done about your character.

He was born in September 5th 1946, on the island of Zanzibar, Africa Colonie. He's true name was Farrokh Bulsara. His parents were Persian and he had one sister called kashmira. Since 1954 they moved to England and was here when the school partner of Farrokh began to called his Freddie.

Since he was very young had an extraordinary talent and he was beginning to learned to play the piano, teather and vocal skills. He studied in the Ealing College, Graphic Art and Design and in June of 1969, he was graduated.Throught his life, he participated in some rock bands like: The Hectics, Smille, Ibex, Wreckage y Sour Milk Sea. In these time, he met with Tim Staffel, Brian May and Roger Taylor, the other integrants of Queen.Their first great hit was "Killer Queen" and their most famous song was"Bohemian Rhapsody" other of their great hits were "Prince of the Universe" "We will Rock you", "I Want to Break Free" and "We are the Champions".

Finally, in November 23th of 1991, he published that he had AIDS, related with a bronchial pneumonia and the day after, on November 24th Freddie died peacefully at his home in London.

3. Describe the person's enviroment.

In his childhood and adolescence he enjoyed many educational and artistic benefits from his parents, but when he was grown had a life of excess derived from the fame and success, his parties always were very popular, also the musician was recognize for be a great friend and also the people know about his sexual orientation, after breaking a seven-years of relationship with Mary Austin.

4. Write some of the accomplishments the person has done.

Become the king of rock
Creating the first video of the story
Create the best song ever
Teaching opera Montserrat Caballé
Although the Queen has been one of if not the best band in the world, never got a reward.

5. How does your character affects other people?
Freddie taught the world to saw the life through different eyes, to express themselves through art and music, to leave outside the paradigms and accept people regardless of their economic or cultural.

6. State your personal opinion about the person you chose.

Since I was very young, I always heard the music of Freddie Mercury, he has been one of my biggest idols and I think that from the beginning gave way to open my mind to different styles of life, taught me that I haven't to judge to others for what they are and above all it has given my life many years of excellent music. Long live the Queen!

Elements of a story


Short Story Element
What is it?
Is the resume of the story
The story talks about one boy and his tree. Since he was child, always take things of the tree, and it give him all that it could, it apples, it brances, it trunk, but always the boy are unconformed, so he looking for something more in the tree. Finally when the tree hasn't no more to give to the boy, he die in the base of the tree.
Is the type of story, like terror, drama, romance, etc.
This story has a metaphore, because it said, that neighter we are happy with the things that we have and always we want more and more.
Is the problem that story talk about?
The conflict was the actitude of the boy, because above all the things that the tree give him, he never be happy and each time that he need something he remember the tree and looking for more things.
It answer the questions, where, when, how... happen the story.
Where: was in an old forest.
When: was since the boy was a child until his dead.
How: because the boy's mother give him the tree and teach to him that always have to play with it.
Are... who's acting in the story.
The mean chararcters are the boy and the tree, and as a second character could be identify the boy's mother.
Point of view
Is the type of narrator, it could be:Innocent Eye, Stream of Consciousness, First Person or Omniscient
The narrator has an omniscient point of view, because he could see and know everything happen but never enter in the story as a character.